Rocket Lazarus - Original

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AKA Boop. 

This painting holds a special place in my heart. I hope that he finds a good home. 

Elton Bowie. 

Equal parts Rocketman and Oddity, there are few who can deny the soul crushing and exhilarating expanse of space. This painting began as a happy accident, and has now evolved into something dynamic, fresh and exciting that I have completely and totally fallen in love with. 

I love the dynamic line work. The crazy shadows. The impression of the nebulous galaxies that seek to overwhelm. 

Explore space. Explore yourself. 

Also don't these songs deserve to go together? If the mashups I've found on Youtube have anything to say about it, I'd say - no.

But if anyone can prove me wrong, please do!

Acrylic on Canvas 

20" x 16"