Things Have Changed - But All Is Good!

Things Have Changed - But All Is Good!

Hello Friends! 

Currently things might look a bit different about One Chic Geek. 

Like most people, our business was deeply effected by the COVID outbreak and we've had to do quite a bit of restructuring. This looked like a couple different things - but ultimately it has meant that we needed to do three things: 

1) Reduce - We have reduced the number of products we have on our store. These designs have been sorted into our most popular options - but it has allowed us to offer every design in more patterns! 

2) Recognize - As a business that is seeking to be inclusive- we have made all of our products available in the four basic and our most popular styles. This means from now on, any product we make will be launching as a tee-shirt and a hoodie in both the men's and women's cut. 

3) Re... Shipping. It's Shipping - Due to some unexpected circumstances involving our manufacturers, we are no longer able to offer free shipping below a certain value. While this isn't ideal, we are currently seeking out new options and will let you know as soon as we can find new options. With the effects of COVID that have spread around the world we could no longer offer free shipping, but on the bright side shipping is now faster, trackable and is able to be shipped out within a few days of its custom printing. 

While things might look different we are still dedicated to bringing you clothing that is fun, comfortable and stylish and will always be created specifically for you and your order.