Picture this: 
Teenage Matti. Full angst. Still goes by "Matt" because he insists that it's easier and cooler. 

He discovers MAE on LAUNCH.com -> Because this was what we used to discover music back in the day. (internet radio was SO FRESH and new)

I go out. BUY THE CD. Find this song called "The Ocean" and fall in love. It's moody. It's angsty. It's gentle but still rough. Much like me. 

I connect. I revel in it. Then, like most things, I forget it. 

Cut to X years later. I rediscover it. And then this gets made. 

Sharp electric colours. Bright vibrant shapes. Moody, yet somehow gentle and exciting. 

This painting is four separate paintings layered on top of each other. (Just like teenage me. It's complex. It has LAYERS.)